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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Botnets - Threat to Computer & Mobile Security

What are botnet’s and how they could possess a severe threat to computer and mobile security?

As you guys know that smart phones have become wallet and personal computer, they hold our every information from banking to social network information, so because of this they have become to target for Hackers, Scammers and Criminal. One Such attack was implemented by these bad guys and they named as name is Botnet.

A botnet is a collection of internet-connected computer that interact to accomplish some distributed task. Botnet are quickly becoming a growing threat to computer and portable-equipped user (for example: Smartphones, PDA, Tablet etc.) due to their hidden nature and very different and diverse method of taking Computers and Smartphones. Million and Billion of computers and smartphones around the globe whose security defenses have been opened (Breached) and they are control by malicious party.

 What is Botnet???

A Botnet, short form for robot network, is a group of computers or smartphones that have been taken and controlled remotely. It is a typical feature of malware to connect infected machines. This computer and smartphones operates like normal System, and leaving user unaware that their machines are infected. Although such a collection of computers can be used for useful and constructive applications, the term botnet typically refers to such a system designed and used for illegal purposes. Such systems are composed of compromised machines that are assimilated without their owner's knowledge.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to Hack a Hacker - Hacking the Hacker

Hacking, Actually Hacking means Advanced Programming in terms of Software World. Wherein the programmer or the tester tests the application for vulnerability so as to fix it in the upcoming versions via patches or upgrades.

But Users on Internet take hacking as a wrong way, Hacking for them is stealing passwords, breaking in to some one’s privacy and so on. Users on Internet keep on searching about hacking and as you guys know Google has answer for everything, it lands you to some pages where you get tools or methods to hack one or the other application or website.

The user who comes across such tools start using it without understanding it’s working. Such users are known as script kiddies. They search on Google for hacking some or the other thing. They come across some or the other tools which claims to hack on or the other account and after using it you found out that there was some error in that tool and you couldn’t hack, so search for another tools and do the same.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

How to steal passwords using Pen Drives/Flash Drives

Nowadays each and every website you visit, whether it may be mail clients like Gmail, Yahoo or Social Networking Site like Facebook, LinkedIn or wherever it may be you will find authentication/login systems.

I am not encouraging hacking or stealing of passwords. This is for educational purposes only. This is made available so that internet users understand how they can be hacked using pen drive. Please do not try to misuse for UN-ethical purposes.

Now each and every website has their own conditions of having usernames and passwords. Some uses their email id as user name, some uses any user defined value as their usernames, etc…

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Hack Metro Application to run unsupported features

How to Create Metro Applications with Unsupported features

Metro – available under Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 is Microsoft’s initiative to make applications compatible to all type of platforms like Laptop, Tablet, Phablets and Phones.

Want to know more about Metro in details, Check these links – Wikipedia & PCWorld 

Let’s get on to the topic, now Microsoft has tried to make Metro applications light weight so it should be available & compatible in all kind of Handheld & Digital devices. So as to make it Light weight it has deprecated many APIs which would be necessary for Developers to build applications.

Metro applications can be built on .Net Framework 4.5 (Compact). Many APIs which are available with .NET 4.5 is not available under .NET 4.5 – Compact, thus limiting the developers to build applications with features that are not available under .NET 4.5 compact. So as to overcome this limitation and develop applications which will be a metro application but has features/API which are not available under Metro, the following steps need to be followed.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jailbreaking Windows Phone


    Microsoft has blocked access to native API's, so for us to access the native API we have to jailbreak or unlock windows phone. So as to utilize the full potential of windows phone and help developers to develop application which would be not at all possible because of restrictions imposed by Microsoft

1.0 Introduction

       Note:- Here jailbreaking/ Unlocking does not mean unlocking Network Service Provider

        So unlike the word Jail-breaking which is famous to unlock Network in case of iPhone, here in case of windows phone both the user and the developer will have advantage. Developer has advantage of developing apps without any restrictions whereas user has advantage of installing any app which is not even available at market store. So let get on to the topic - Jail-breaking Windows Phone

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Friday, March 28, 2014

How much SECURE is your android phone?

Do you know one of the most important reason for android's success?

It is it's open source, but does it takes care of SECURITY of the user data ? Lets have a look!

In an android phone, any application which has access to memory card can access any folder on the memory card. So you must be thinking what's wrong with that?

Let me explain with you an example

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