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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Email Spammer: Flood your friend's Indox till it gets Crashed !

Wanted to have fun with your friend's E-mail Account? Then here is the best chance for you...With this tool you can spam to friend's inbox to Millions till the inbox gets crashed !

What is an Email Spammer ?

An Email Spammer is a Software/Program designed to send your victim and email several number of times till the inbox gets full and automatically crashes !But you can also use it just for flooding about 50-100 mails just for the heck of it !An Email spammer requires an essential software like .NET Framework 3.0 or above

Here is a screen shot of the Email Bomber

How to Use it ?

The steps are quite self-explanatory

Just give your "Username" and "Password"

Then fill up the "To" and the "Subject" of your E-mail

Then type in your message and then click on "Start".

The number of E-mail sent will be shown in red.

So when you are done sending how many ever e-mails you want you can just click on "Stop".

Download: Email Bomber

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