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Friday, July 16, 2010

How to download You tube videos without any downloading software

Friends... You must be very much interested in downloading videos from "youtube"...!!

So i will let u know a trick by which you can download a video from "youtube" without any downloading software(third party software).. eg. You Tube downloader, etc..

This trick is very helpful because whenever you watch video the video is actually downloaded in your system while caching, so there is no need to download the video using any tool

All you need is Mozilla Firefox which is a famous web browser

Steps to get the videos from You tube...

1) First off all go to "youtube" and and select any video of your choice.

2) After you have selected the video. Let it stream completely i.e Watch the full video

3) After the streaming is complete just open a new tab in Firefox and in the address bar type
"about:cache" (without quotes) and press enter. Then you will get a screen similar to this

4) As seen in the pic, You will get the path of your cache. Copy the path and then paste it in address bar of "My computer" or "Windows Explorer"

5) The you will get all the cache files available similar to this pic...

6) Now since there are lot of files. sort it out on the basis of "date modified". so you will get the files sorted on basis of the modifies file.

7) Now here you are... just look at the size of file, depending upon the length of the video the size may differ, since size of video files are bigger, so choose that file and copy that file on the desktop

8) Just change the extension of the file to .flv and using any flv player like vlc you can view that video...

you r done...!!

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