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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Best Antivirus Eset Smart Security

Hello friends,

In today's world computer security is one of the most important concern as connectivity with internet can lead us to lot of viruses, malware, trojan's.... n lot of more security threats...

I have used lot of anti-virus, but i think "eset smart security" is the best one...(my personal opinion). I will let u know why i feel it is better than other anti-viruses...

I neither encouraging u to use this product neither i am promoting this product, i m just sharing my own experience

since it is a anti-virus it's job is to protect the system from all possible threats, we have hell of anti-viruses but why i choose eset...???

1) We have always the possibility that we get infected by Trojans, spy-wares, key logger, etc, since there are lot of techniques available by using which u can make all those stuff FUD (Fully undetectable). So if u are infected by an of such spy-wares, key-loggers,etc which contentiously monitor ur activity so in that case if it's FUD, no anti-virus will report nor even eset but ....

Here's what we want.. eset smart security has a feature called  "Network connections" where u can monitor all the connections outgoing or incoming to the computer, so if u find any such process running which ur unaware of u can terminate the connection directly...

This option is very much helpful as now a days viruses are totally FUD, so protecting system will be at ease.. using this option we can continuously monitor the system for the outing connections.

simply right click on the connection which is unidentified by u or u find it malicious and click on deny connection and the connection will be terminated.

2) The 2nd most liking feature of this AV which i like the most is "Learning mode".

Once you switch your eset in learning mode, it will ask you for all the incoming and outgoing connection and the connection will be validated by you and then only the connection will be processed

You may find it annoying sometimes, but it is best feature of this Anti-virus as there's will be no probability of stealing ur data using XSS, or key-logger, spy-ware, etc...

See the image above, for all the information sent by ur PC and the data received it will first prompt u whether u want to allow or not. If you find the connection authentic u can allow otherwise u should deny the connection. In the above screen-shot u can see the information like the application requesting for connection. its publisher, the remote ip address.

Using the information we can verify whether it is authentic or not and then the required steps can be taken.

So, i find this AV as a best anti-virus and i am using it... and i would recommend that u should also...

Download:- ESET NOD 32

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  1. I am a software developer and I have tested most antivirus softwares. In my opinion it is the best antivirus software available. No matter how many virus attacks in a second, all of them are detected within no time.


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