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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Hack Website vulnerable to DNN

Hello frnds...

Today I am going to share you how to hack websites which are vulnerable to DNN (dot net nuke)..

What is DNN??
The websites which are made using Microsoft .net framework 2.0 and which do not have upgraded will be vulnerable to DNN. Using a simple java script u can hack those websites and upload u r contents from hard disk or give external link which will be uploaded in their server and u can visit those web pages and access those stuff from web

Please note that this is only for education purposes and do not misuse it, I am not responsible for any problem caused using it.

Step:1 How to find sites that are vulnerable to DNN

We need to take the help of Google Dork to find the sites vulnerable to DNN.
Search This Dork


See The Results And Target Any site

You Will See This Part In Every Site That You Searched For


After this we selected the first site in google search and visited its homepage. The homepage is as follows

Now u can see that the homepage URL is

just paste "/Providers/HtmlEditorProviders/Fck/fcklinkgallery.aspx"

so now the URL becomes ""

u will get following screen

now use a java script "javascript:__doPostBack('ctlURL$cmdUpload','')"

just copy and paste the java script in the URL and hit enter u get the upload screen as follows

After putting the javascript u get the browse button, now u have to just browse the file from ur hard didk and the click on "Trasferisci" ... since this is foreign website we get this.. otherwise u get a option known as upload

U can upload the files directly to the root folder of the admin hosting account...

n once u have uploaded the file ur done... u can see that file by visiting " format"

We have done it see...


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