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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to track/trace your friends/victims IP address??? (Through email)

We will explain how you can track your friends IP address. You will need to do some social engineering in this trick. You will need to ask your friend to mail you something or send him some mail to which he will reply. 

This Method can be used to detect whether the Email is Authentic (Genuine) or a Fake Email

Now there can be two scenarios. Your friends/victims IP can be static or dynamic.

Scenario 1: Static IP
Static IP is assigned by the ISP to a specific user, that is, you have one unique IP whenever you log on to the internet. In this case, here's how you can find the IP. We will consider three major email services, viz. gmail, yahoo and hotmail.

Open the mail you have recieved from your friend and click on the down arrow to the right of the reply button. Now click on Show Original.

You will get to see the complete headers of the mail from which you have to find the IP from which this mail was sent. Mostly in case of a static IP, the IP is shown as in the figure

Right click on the recieved mail and select 'view message source'

You will get the complete message with source. This is how the originating IP looks in hotmail

Open the mail and at the right bottom of the mail, click on 'Full headers'

Again over here you will get to see the IP in the same format as in hotmail and gmail, shown above.

Scenario 2: Dynamic IP
In case of dynamic IP, hotmail and yahoo wont help much. Whereas Gmail shows the private IP of the sender. Just follow the procedure above as shown for static. On the source page you have to look for the following:

Here the IP is the private IP of our victim. This is how you can get IP information of victims behind subnets. Well sometimes the private is not shown by any of the email services because instead of sending detailed email information a DKIM-signature is sent for authentication.

There are other numerous ways using which we can track our victims IP. Will soon be posting on that. Stay subscribed. Till then..

Happy Tracking!!!

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