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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Windows 7 Genuine Patch (WAT)

Is your infected by latest windows updates and getting constantly error of  "ask for genuine Microsoft software" and it also blocking your time duration to run the OS to as last day, don't panic from now onwards here's the solution to end the problem forever.

 Windows 7 crack RemoveWAT 2.2.5.Hazar carter67

RemoveWAT tool  allows you to remove Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) completely from the windows operating system. Once the user removes Windows Activation Technologies (WAT) users can then activate illegal and pirated copies of Windows 7 retaining genuine status and receiving all updates from Microsoft. Users can also pass the genuine check in Microsoft’s official tools like Windows Defender as well.

Feature list :
Requires no additional processes running after patching
Has a theoretical 100% success rate due to it being hardware independent
Efficiently coded with safety checks to prevent damage to a Windows installation

Uninstall option
Complete removal of all genuine related elements visible to the user, whilst keeping the core activation system active, allowing you to pass various genuine checks without issue
Progress bar to allow overview of completion time



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