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Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to Get back Hacked Account / Orkut Account taken over by someone

Orkut account Hacked / taken over ( and deleted after being hacked by someone.)

General methods of hacking Orkut Account :-

1. Phishing using fake page.
2. Using Keyloggers / remote key loggers.
3. Brute force attack.
4. Using Java Scripts.
5. Using greasemonkey scripts.
6. By cookie stealing method.
7. Other methods.

Explanation of each method is beyond the level and i dont wanna go in details.

Follow these steps:

1. Try to reset your password – Go Here or Here

2. If not able to do so then fill this form providing as much correct details as you can. ( the correctness of info provided will determine weather you will get back your a/c or not so give your best guess if you don't remember something. Contact Orkut for password reset.

3. If your Orkut Account has been deleted after being hacked. do fill this form (Click here) immediately.
You will get password reset link through email. Do change your password and login to your Account as soon as you can.

4. Always remember these points:

* Donot ever login to any site rather than
* Donot ever run any javascripts while logged into your orkut account, Never use any flooder in your account
* Donot ever share your password with anyone else and keep changing your password regularly.
* Donot ever click suspicious link while logged into Orkut Account. if you are curious you can copy the link and check them in other browser after cleaning it’s browser’s cookie and cache.
* Donot ever install any suspicious script on greasemoneky and always disable greasemoneky before logging in to orkut.
* Do your mobile verification also, so that you can get back your account if hacker doesn’t change the mobile number there.(Verify mobile here )

Install a good Update Antivirus and Anti Key logger and keep your system free from Key loggers and backdoor trojans.

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