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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to download whole Photo album in facebook at once

NoteThis will work only in Firefox - so you need Firefox to be installed first.

Follow these Simple steps to download the photo Album

1. Download the FacePAD Firefox extension directly from here. You may get a message block from Firefox - right click and allow that.


# Once you have installed - You will need to re-start Firefox to begin using the downloaded extension.

# You will now see FacePAD added to your list of addon extensions in Firefox.

# Head over to your friend's profile page and click on Photos. There you will find all the albums of your friends.

#Simply right click on the photo album and you will now get a new option "Download Album with FacePAD". Go ahead and download the album.

 # Then you will be asked to location where the photos has to be saved on your hard disk

# Then u will be asked to enter the prefix for the given photo album, enter the prefix and press ok

woaho.... ur done... now all the photos of the album u have selected will be downloaded to the given path of ur hard disk decently.

If u have any difficulty implementing this do comment, i'll try to solve the problem

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