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Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to RUN turbo c and other dos based emulators and compilers in Windows 7 & Vista

Since I have been using Windows Vista, then When i later upgraded to Windows 7, every thing works fantastic in windows 7, but when it comes to any dos based tools, emulator's or compilers, it gives error and the program doesn't open.

Since most of the Emulators like TASM, MASM, Compilers like java, turbo c and various other tools doesn't open up, it results in one of the biggest drawback for Programmers, Engineers and testers in Windows 7 & Vista Platform.

So here comes the solution to the problem, to overcome this problem follow the steps
1) first download dosbox
2)After installing the application you will get the following screen

3) Now if your application is located in drive "c:/tc"
so use the command  "mount c c:/tc"  (without quotes)

 4) now you are done, simply type c:
now you will get c:/ prompt and then simply execute the program as we usually do in CMD.

5) All the commands like ''ctrl+enter" native for full screen in CMD and other command can be used similarly in DOSbox

Happy programming, n enjoy using windows 7

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