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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now Access Facebook,Twitter from Gmail

Now integrate Facebook & Twitter from your Gmail account .Here is a simple and step by step tutorial to add custom gadgets like Facebook, weather or for that matter anything to your Gmail account.

Step 1: Activate the custom Gadget in Labs –> To start using of this nifty feature, you will first have to enable it. To do that, go to Settings –> Labs and find “Add any gadget by URL” and activate it.

Step 2:Now go to Settings –> Gadgets. Here you’ll find a place to add Gadget URLs.

Step 3:For Twitter, add this below code in the url space given:

The image shows that  i've added the twitter gadget in to my account
Now just signin and chat !

You can also find gadgets in the Gadget directory, to get the gadget XML URL in the directory find the gadget you want to add to Gmail and click on the link to view the full description.

 After integration,you can access your FB right from your Gmail and it looks something like

 Covered with Red patches  for safety purposes .

Hope u liked it....     

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