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Saturday, October 9, 2010

PlainSight – Open Source Computer Forensics LiveCD

PlainSight is a versatile computer forensics environment that allows inexperienced forensic practitioners perform common tasks using powerful open source tools such as RegRipper, Pasco, Mork, Foremost and many more.

We have taken the best open source forensic/security tools, customised them, and combined them with an intuitive user interface to create an incredibly powerful forensic environment.

With PlainSight you can perform operations such as:
  • Get hard disk and partition information
  • Extract user and group information
  • View Internet histories
  • Examine Windows firewall configuration
  • Discover recent documents
  • Recover/Carve over 15 different file types
  • Discover USB storage information
  • Examine physical memory dumps
  • Examine UserAssist information
  • Extract LanMan password hashes
  • Preview a system before acquiring it

You can view a more complete features list here:
PlainSight | Features

You can download PlainSight v0.1 ISO here:
UK Mirror – PlainSight-0.1.iso
Belgium Mirror – PlainSight-0.1.iso

Or read more here.

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