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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to check your download / upload status of DC++ online from a remote computer

Going out or mom yelling at you to not to sit on your pc ?? and just cant afford to switch off your pc to stop those precious downloads of your computer ? So here it is the very best way to monitor and control your downloads from a remote device such as a GPRS enabled mobile phone or at college computer :P !!

Many of us use DC++ client over local and internetworks to download several movies and song from people around the world ! We can use the inbuilt function called "webserver" in apex dc++ client.

All you have to do is, go to the "Settings" of dc++ and select "Experts Only" option(after expanding "ADVANCE").

A window named "webserver" comes up, where you have to define username and password ou wish to use when accessing your computer.

Also you may want to change the default "Port No." to something like "1234" and hit "OK" to save the settings.

Final step is to Enable this webserver option from the "Advanced settings ".

Congratulations!! your webserver is ready to serve you information about your DOWNLOADS in dc++.

>> Now a small thing which you need to remember is your computer's ip address through which you are connected to the internet. To know this ip-address you can google "what is my ip address" and save it or write it down.

If you wish to access this server by local area then you should type: "ipconfig /all" in the command prompt and note down the local ip adress of your machine.

To check the working of the server, just type localhost:port no. for example localhost:1234 in your internet browser to see the following page :

Enter the username and password on the fields and use the Menu options to view downloads/ uploads and history etc. Also you can even switch your computer off or put it to sleep, when your desired files have finished downloading.

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