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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Change Google Text Logo with your name :)

As we all know ...Google is a giant search engine which provides u almost every possible information .. So why not have these huge giant to display your name each time u open the browser ...... Seems interesting !!!!!!!... :)

Very Simple ... there are some sites that allows u to change the Google text Logo with whatever characters U like :) So b ready to display your name everytime Google homepage opens ..

  • Just go to these websites
  • Enter ur name
  • Select the style u want to use.(Many glittering characters and styles are available at these sites)
  • And here is your google search engine with your own name.
  • Bookmark it and make it your default home page.
  • Now every time you open your brower.. your own search engine will open. :)

List of websites

If there is any more sites plz reply here will update the list ..... Njoy :)

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