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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Windows 7 features in your old Windows XP

So r u an xp user? but want ur xp to have Windows 7 features? then here u go .........

Windows 7 have some advance features then xp which provides user with more flexibility and comfort in operating their system
Some imp features are

  • Aeropeek
  • Aeroshake
  • Enhanced Toolbar Function(Superbar)

Follow dis step nd u will enjoy 7s features in ur xp.....

1st]  To apply aeoropeek feature to xp download from dis following link
Install dis application nd njoy

Using this tool u can snap open windows to different edge of ur screen which is helpful if you quickly want to divide screen into two separate halves

2nd] To apply aeroshake feature download tool from dis link

Using Aeroshake will hide all the windows except you're using,by merely shaking the title bar..Shake it again to bring them back to where they all were....

3rd] Adding the Super bar
Link :

Superbar minimises the space taken by each application and will display the icon of the application and group similar instance of application as one .Viglance wont require any installation just run software ...nd njoy using the features of Windows 7 in your Windows xp ...

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