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Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Track Login History in Windows XP, Vista and 7

Have you ever thought that some person would have tried to login to your box in your  :) may be you are unaware of it till now and he may be planting some other trick(may be he has already read my last post lolzz) to get success!!!!. 

Ok today I am going to tell you how u can track is very simple, you do not need any extra software for it if you have Mr.Gates's OS(WIN XP.7 OR VISTA)running in your box. By default that facility in disabled but i will show you how to enable it and what info it contains.

So lets start........

१) First open up RUN and type Gpedit.msc as shown below and hit enter.

२) After that you will see an console window and follow the onscreen information as shown below..........

३) When you reach the 7th step in the above image then double click on it to change its settings as shown below.

In the above image ypu can see that both the options as marked are disabled

a) So if you want only to log your login success then enable success in the above image.

b) If you want to log login failures then enable failure in the above image.

c) If you want to log both login success and failure attempts then enable both. After selecting your suitable option    click ok.

४) Then inorder to test if it works or not,logout from your system and try few wrong passwords and then login again.

५) Now right click on the "My computer"icon on the desktop and navigate to where it is written "Manage".

६) Now after clicking manage in the above step a new console will open and then follow the steps as illustrated in the image below.

Here you can see there are many success logn attempts but there is one failure login attempt..marked as step 5,so double click on it to see the information it contains.

७) After double clicking on it the image below shows the information in it ..just give it a look....:)

As you can see it contains the time &date, username, reason etc

I hope this will add to your knowledge..and you will be any day helped by this....:)

If you find this article interesting and worth reading so plzz drop your comments it will be appreciated....:)

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