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Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to share any file on facebook

Several portals allow us the ‘upload files of various formats, on their servers. These sites are file hosting portals : The user loads a file, you may decide to link it and share it with friends, for example. And if we wanted to load a file on Facebook

In fact it would not be possible, in practice there is an application that allows us to do this in a few steps. Filefly is an application which allows us to share files easily  with our  Facebook contacts. Using FileFly,you can share files  quickly and shared on the recipients  Facebook Wall.

How does it work?

1) First important step is to authorize the application by clicking on this link and allowing Filefly to enter into your profile. Without this step, we can not go on.

2) Now we can use the space at our disposal, that is 2 GB. In the lower right there will be a counter that  tell us how much space we are using.

3) We can create different folders, for a tidy space at our disposal.

4) Click the  Upload button, the first folder will be created with a default name, where the file gets uploaded to.

5) Click Add Files to add files.

6) In the center of the page there is the option to “Publish on my wall When I share this folder” that allows us to publish our folder on the bulletin board.

7) To share the folder, or the files contained in it, with our friends on Facebook, simply click on “Click here to share with your friends.”

The service is absolutely free, with only limited space available which is equal to 2 GB. 
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