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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Remove Stop OR Disable New folder.exe Virus From Pendrive

If you are using pen-drive for data transfer at school, college or at your office you must have come across this virus. This virus creates an exe file in your usb drive with the name New Folder.exe. Here are some symptoms of this virus.
    Task manager is disabled.

    Registry Editor is disabled.

    Folder options not working.

    Taking too much time for accessing pen-drive.

    Uses half of your computers processing power.

You can easily remove this virus from your computer by using Smart Virus Remover tool. While Download Click Delete Autorun.inf file and then click on ” Remove virus from USB”. The virus will be removed from your pendrive.

To restore your task manager, registry editor and other things which were disabled by virus – click on “Restore Default Windows Settings”.

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