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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jailbreaking Windows Phone


    Microsoft has blocked access to native API's, so for us to access the native API we have to jailbreak or unlock windows phone. So as to utilize the full potential of windows phone and help developers to develop application which would be not at all possible because of restrictions imposed by Microsoft

1.0 Introduction

       Note:- Here jailbreaking/ Unlocking does not mean unlocking Network Service Provider

        So unlike the word Jail-breaking which is famous to unlock Network in case of iPhone, here in case of windows phone both the user and the developer will have advantage. Developer has advantage of developing apps without any restrictions whereas user has advantage of installing any app which is not even available at market store. So let get on to the topic - Jail-breaking Windows Phone

There are different types of Unlock available

Definitions of Unlocks:

FULL : Policy has been modified to allow for running of native executable. This lets you do things like running properly recompiled Windows Mobile code. This also allows for all the things root unlock offers.

ROOT: Policy is elevated on a per app basis via Root Tools (version 0.9) to allow Silverlight apps to run with root privilege. This lets you do things like install XAP's via IE.

INTEROP: Achieved by setting MaxUnsignedApps to 300 or greater. This allows an app to use the Interop Services capability, meaning it can use drivers on the phone. This allows for neat things like editing the registry or accessing the file system. Just to be clear though just because your device is Interop Unlocked that does always mean that hacks that require Interop Unlock to deploy will work on your device since they may use exploits that don't exist on your device.

DEVELOPER: This allows a user to sideload apps.

2.0   Steps to Unlock

There are very limited model of Windows Phone which can be fully unlocked / jailbreaked.

Please refer the below link to find which devices are compatible for unlock

The steps below to jailbreak windows phone 7 in our case is specifc only for  “Samsung Focus S”
With OS version : 7.10.7004.10 and Rev 1.3

The steps will remain same for other Rev versions, but the custom rom which we will be flashing will be different for different Rev versions.

Now for us to completely unlock the windows phone we will require to flash a custom rom. That custom rom should be of same OS version as that on Phone.

Now since Samsung Focus which we have is having OS version : 7.10.7004.10, and we have a custom rom with OS version 7.10.8107.79.  So first of all we have to manually update the OS from 7004 to 8107.

When you plug in your phone with USB, Zune will automatically detect and ask you to update the OS version to Newer Version Available.

Note :- Do not use Zune to automatically update the OS, as Microsoft has fixed flashing custom rom in the newer updates of Windows Phone.

So first of all we have to update the OS version to the version of Custom ROM we have.

2.1      Manual Update of Windows Phone OS

Refer the below link to how to backup you current OS incase of any issues or failure during the manul update to get back to original state and also get the download links of Respective version of OS updates.

The update has to be in Sequence as in our case the OS version is 7004
So first we will update form 7004 to 7403, which is the immediate update after 7004.
Then from 7403 to 8107

Also make sure you update all the languages which your phone has, other wise there are chances of your phone may get bricked.

Step 1: Download all the Update files of 7004 to 7403 version and the language files from  the above link

Step 2: Download  WP7 Update Cab and extract it in a folder

Step 3: Copy all the CAB files(update files)  you downloaded to the folder where you extracted WP7 Update Cab Sender. The CAB's should be in the same folder as the BAT-file

Step 4: Connect your Device via USB cable and make sure that Zune identifies your device. Once your device is Identified, exit Zune.

Step 5: Run the batch-file  form the extracted folder and press 'S'

Your device will reboot and start in download-mode.

You'll see progress on the screen of your desktop, but it may take more than 10 minutes before your WP7 device is starting to show a progress-bar, even for small updates. That's normal, because the device is scanning for installed packages and performing merges.

When the update is ready, your device will be rebooted again and it will boot Windows Phone with new version and languages

Step 6: Now Downlaod all the Update files of 7403 to 8103 version

Step 7: Repeat Step 3 to step 5

Note :- While updating for Second Increment, make sure u keep only those update files which are of newer version, in our case only cab files of 7403 to 8103 (remove cab file/update files of 7004 to 7403 version from the folder)

Now the OS is updated to 8103 for which we have a custom ROM.

2.2      Flashing Custom ROM

To flash Custom ROM in phone, first of all we have to have Custom Bootloader installed on Phone.

Download MAGLDR which is a custom bootloader from the below link

1.     Make sure all driver are installed. Just to check if all the drivers are installed, start the phone in download mode by pressing “Volume Down + Camera+ Power ON” while the phone is switched off.

2.     Then right click on My computer , go to Properties and then click on Device Manager. In device Manager check if your phone is identified or not. If it is identified you will find the name of you device, as in my case it is Samsung Focus.

3.     If not, then search for respective drivers from phones website or from the Driver CD which came with the device and install it. Once you are sure that the drivers are install then proceed with installing the custom boot loader MAGLDR.

4.     Just double click on DFT_MLI_SAM1.exe file which you have downloaded and click on next and then follow the instructions. The phone will reboot automatically. It may take some more time than normal to boot. So stay patient.

5.     You won’t find any change in the Phone or any of its application once the phone reboots, because only custom bootloader has been installed.

6.     Now since custom Bootloaded has been flashed we can now easily flash Customs Roms. Downlaod any Custom Rom which is unlocked / jailbreaked. Make sure the ROM which you download is compatible for you Phone Model and OS version.

7.     We flashed the custom ROM which was downloaded from the below link

8.     Extract the Zip file in a folder, The extracted folder contains Custom ROM and DWPI (DFT Windows Phone Installer) which is an EXE file.

9.     Now double click on DWPI and after few Initial Steps, You will be instructed to restarted the Phone in Debug / Download Mode by pressing “Volume down + Camera + Power On”.

10.  Once the phone is in Debug Mode, DWPI automatically detects and starts flashing the custom ROM. You have to be sure that the custom ROM and the DWPI exe file are in same parent folder.

11.  DWPI will show progress bar and once it has completely dumped the custom ROM, the phone will reboot.

12.  Now once again the Phone will bootup automatically in Debug mode only and progress of installing the ROM will appear on Phone Screen.

13.  Once that is Complete, the Phone will reboot again. Now this time when phone boots up it will take long time (exceptionally long time ) to boot up.

14.  If even after 15-20 min, your devices doesn’t boot up, don’t panic we need to reset the storage. Some devices doesn’t boot up after flashing custom rom with old storage available.

15.  So now to clear storage, When phone is switched off, press Volume UP + Camera + Power On”. Please make note that this time its Volume UP key.

16.  Using Windows Key Select Clear storage Option. Within few minutes phone will boot up with custom ROM.

17.  If you see Tiles Screen, cheerup you have successfully jailbreaked windows Phone!!


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